Field Notes

RSVLTS Holiday Oxfords: Waging War On Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For a decade, ugly sweaters have plagued holiday parties around the world. We at the RSVLTS are here to say NO MORE! I’m overjoyed to introduce our solution (so I don’t have to look at and pretend to think your dumb sweater is funny). The RSVLTS holiday oxfords are here.

The idea for our holiday oxford line is pretty simple. We want to offer an alternative to people who think ugly Christmas sweaters are played out, an alternative you can wear to more than just one office party in December. You can rock these oxfords over and over this, and every, holiday season.

While everyone is zigging left with a sweater featuring Santa peeing "Merry Christmas" in the snow, we’re zagging right with super premium button up oxfords that are perfect for every setting from the office to the office party and everything in between. Yes, you can even wear them to that boring holiday dinner at grandma’s house and have her tell you how handsome you look.

Why spend $75 on an ugly Christmas sweater that you’ll wear once then donate it to Goodwill or even lose it in the bottom of your closet? Instead, you can and should just buy an oxford with all the same pizzazz that you can wear all the time. That is the idea at least.

So we have the product, and now we are sitting around RSVLTS HQ brainstorming ideas on how to launch these epic new holiday oxfords. Then it dawned on us. We’ve got a great product. We’ve got an irrational disdain for holiday sweaters. We need to wage war on Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

The oxfords are launching today and over the next two weeks we are going to be on an all out Blitzkrieg with our “Be Better than the Sweater” campaign.

So this holiday season when you’re looking for something to wear to work, school or the various holiday parties you’re going to attend because you’re a cool person who scores all the invites, keep in mind that no one has said the following things since 2012:

1. "Is that Drake dancing on your holiday sweater? That's cool."

2. "Oh is that Santa peeing "Merry Christmas" in the snow? Lol."

3. "Are those two reindeers banging on your sweater. ROFL"
I’ll say it again. Be better than the sweater.