Field Notes

Details Revealed! Kevin Smith x RSVLTS at SDCC

As mentioned earlier this week regarding the RSVLTS & SDCC Debut, in particular we wanted to expand a little more on collab announcement and the “happy hour event” taking place at night on Saturday 7/23 in downtown San Diego. 

While we won't show all the cards at this moment, we also have to proverbially let the cat out of the bag a little to ensure interested Insiders, friends and family can join in the action on the ground, support the collab and get a glimpse of some upcoming launch items in advance.

Without further adieu, we’re extremely proud to announce we’ve been in the lab working on a collection with none other than Kevin Smith and his band of merry friends, as well as Kevin’s Mooby’s squadron, the gear all which will be launching online/app shortly after SDCC. 

So to further support Kevin, Jason & Mooby’s various SDCC pop-up events (they have a great lineup; details here), including a preview of our RSVLTS x Kevin Smith Collection (aka Jay & Silent Bob, Mooby’s, etc.), the RSVLTS crew will be at the “Hollywood Babble-On” live event on Saturday 7/23 at the Mooby’s Pop-Up at Tin Roof San Diego

Specific details to join the Mooby’s Saturday 7/23 “Hollywood Babble-On” live event at 9:00pm:

  • It’s a paid event and you must have ticket to this specific event, which is limited based on capacity so definitely jump on this ASAP!
  • The following link is where you must go to get tix to this specific event: Hollywood Babble-On
  • The RSVLTS squad will be there (we'll have a little VIP area) and allllll kinds of built in entertainment, food and other some other goodies are included within the purchase of the ticket, as detailed in the above link and in the overall Mooby's Pop-Up list of events
  • Note this venue is downtown and independent of SDCC convention center itself, so you don’t need to have SDCC passes to join this event, just the event ticket per the above link
  • RSVLTS will get y’all some beers too, just get yourself there ;) 

More updates coming soon regarding SDCC and RSVLTS booth developments at Lucasfilm Pavilion, and the Star Wars exclusive items too, so definitely stay tuned for more details. 

Hope to see you all there Saturday night at Tin Roof - hurry, again, tickets are limited!