Field Notes

RSVLTS x Budweiser “Outdoor Series” Collection - Lookbook

Dang, talk about a great catch! 

No seriously, let’s discuss how ridiculously incredible are the contents of this outdoor series as it perfectly complements the current and overall Budweiser x RSVLTS collection, perhaps leaving the door open for other seasonal Bud capsules. Perhaps... 😉 

In particular, these designs and options go beyond a passion for the outdoors that - just like an ice cold sixer of Bud - speak to various lifestyles for many in the U.S., which extends up and down both coasts and definitely hits home throughout many, many points in-between. 

So regardless if you’re more of a field (“Kick of Quacks”) and/or streams (“Great Catch”) kind of guy or girl, there’s something for everyone with this collection. AND they work for all seasons by way of both short-sleeved (Kunu) and long-sleeved (t-shirt) options for your own style. 

Time to kick back, crack a cold one and [sips] ahhhhhhhhhh, peruse the collection - lookbook below, nothing beats it!