Field Notes

RSVLTS x Chucky Collection - Lookbook

Okay, listen. It goes without saying the horror genre is a vast, deep realm that spans tons of different kinds of monsters, ghosts, ghouls, gremlins, apparitions, freaks, creeps - you name it. 

So let’s talk quickly about this guy...the one, the only: Chucky. This lil fella is simply a different type of reanimated bad guy that made it possible for the first time to be REALLY afraid of those already creepy dolls from childhood strewn across - or under - the bed...or perhaps even perched on a bedside rocking chair. 

Let’s be honest, we always knew those dolls were up to something, lurkers for sure, but knife-wielding and as fast as a cheetah nipping at your achilles?! Dang. 

So for this first collection we wanted to embrace the early playfulness of the Chuckster from the original films, you know...before he grew up and got married, had a kid, influenced more cultish terror sprees and such. 

You know, standard inanimate object possession stuff. 

So yeah...enjoy play time, these shirts will be your friends til the end!