Field Notes

RSVLTS x Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" Collection - Preview!

Fresh off the heels of its very own - and hilarious - holiday special on Disney+, the time has officially come for the inaugural RSVLTS x "Guardians of the Galaxy" Collection!

In similar manner as some previous collection drops, we’ll throw it over to our editorial friends at the following sites to give a little lookbook preview of the five KUNUFLEX™ button-downs, as well as provide a bit more context to the overall collection (click the below screengrabs to go directly to the sites; to be updated as coverage surfaces). 

BONUS: note the LACC exclusive item “Galactic Misfits” will only be available at the RSVLTS booth (#1010) this upcoming weekend (Dec 2-4, in Los Angeles), while supplies last. And if you’re looking to swing by the booth this weekend, check the following Field Notes article regarding everything you need to know to join us at LACC. 

----- (includes LACC exclusive reveal) (includes LACC exclusive reveal) (LACC Exclusive)