Field Notes

RSVLTS x Nickelodeon Vault - Ren & Stimpy Collection and Flashback

Today’s drop is truly an incredible one. Not just as a superfan of the legendary series, but it also has special meaning because this collection coincides with the 30th Anniversary of Ren & Stimpy’s debut on Nickelodeon back on August 11, 1991. 

Oh yeah, to note, R&S premiered on the same date and Nicktoons block as Rugrats and Doug 30 years ago.

🤯 🤯 🤯 

Personally, and likely for many/most, Ren & Stimpy overall registers crazy childhood nostalgia because it was the first time many of us were ushered into a different age of animation: a move from a very serial format of the 80s (such as Inspector Gadget, GI Joe, Ducktales, etc.) and were introduced to a much more irreverent and purposely simple animation (the path somewhat paved before by Beavis & Butt-Head), which often featured freeze-framed cutaway illustrations. 

Episodes also featured sickly and lastingly exceptional jingles, infinite logs, a reverse flying superhero, faux-commercial breaks, detailed and grotesque illustrations of boils and rogue hairs/follicles/bony kneecaps, a pile of missing left socks, a goofy cat that turns green from eating said socks (cuz that’s what kittys do...classic!), tons of weird animal depictions (so many horses in so many episodes, WHY?!), space insanity, etc. 

Upon a recent re-watch of a few classic episodes, they all still have the same impact they did back then, somehow the animation oddly even cooler in this current age of megapixels and virtual reality, a reminder of simpler times where the absurd humor was just as important - if not more so - than the visuals. 

So for this RSVLTS collection in particular - Powdered Toastman as a character, and most especially “Space Madness” as an episode - both references carry lasting and incredible weight still to this day, so they simply had to be immortalized on some apparel. 

And it’s odd because of alllllll the incredible properties we get to work with and create magic alongside, Ren & Stimpy - like Star Wars, Sandlot, Jurassic Park, Spongebob and a few other nostalgia-bombs - holds a very special place in our hearts and we cannot wait to rock these new items in the streets. 

And do the happy dance and/or sing the log song together. You won’t.