Field Notes

RSVLTS x The Office “Schrute Special” Collection - Lookbook

“Today, smoking is gonna save lives.”

It goes without saying the actor, Rainn Wilson, gave gave the world an incredible gift some decades ago with his one-of-a-kind oddball “The Office” character, one whom left an indelible mark among us all with his quirky, dry wit, obscure lifestyle, passion for office antics and protocols, and sheer intensity overall. 

Therefore this Series 6 drop is dedicated to the man that made us both cry laughing and cringe at the same time: Mr. Dwight Kurt Schrute III

This RSVLTS Schrute Special features three fantastic, very-Dwight influenced items based on some of his greatest moments - two Kunus and a t-shirt - one of which being a nod to one of the top, if not thee best, opening moments of the entire series...the Fire Drill scene within the “Stress Relief” episode. 

A large amount agreed amongst the hundreds of fans that stopped by RSVLTS booth at this past weekend’s Office Super Fan Fest in good ol’ Scranton, Pa., many that quoted the various depictions on the three shirts, but also commented on the Fire Drill scene in particular as one of their favorites all-time.

So while some might have already seen a glimpse of the shirts via a bit of leaked footage from the Fest, or might even own one by way of our limited release drop during the Festival on Saturday, nonetheless see below for the official lookbook of the collection. 

Oh yeah, always and forever: Save Bandit!