Field Notes

Travel Collection | Lookbook

While the pandemic is still very much current across the globe and in the U.S., there is seemingly light peeking through the tunnel on the route back to some semblance of normalcy. This varies for everyone of course, but is a notion that’s unanimously sought after in so many ways.

So in the spirit of this future time when we can all start to traverse the friendly roads and skies again, today we’re excited and proud to launch our Series 1 Travel Collection. Like many out there, traveling the world is near and dear to us all at RSVLTS. This includes many of our backgrounds and heritages that can be found in distant countries, and this collection - and any that follow - is inspired by our personal relationships, travels and bucket list adventures on the horizon.

As such, we worked closely with our network of illustrators, friends and family across the globe to ensure not only authenticity with the patterns and designs, but also to capture the inspiration and celebration of culture. See below for a small description of each for this launch in particular.


Kalamkari (which roughly translates to "pen-crafted") is an ancient art form typically produced as cotton textiles. Inspired by the intricate patterns of Kalamkari, this bold, yet faded and flowery button down is a celebration of this beautiful Indian styling and technique.


Originating from the Spanish pottery tradition in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, the beautiful tile patterns of Talavera have been used to decorate everything from walls to fountains, patios, and dishes. Inspired by the bright shapes and stylings of this famed Puebla tiled art, this KUNUFLEX™ button down is a colorful trip south of the border.


Explore the ocean tides and tiki culture of the South Pacific in this Polynesian beauty of a button down. Loaded with island imagery of smoking volcanoes, lush palm trees, and of course, tiki carvings, this bright blue KUNUFLEX™ is an escape to sunnier days.

This shirt is actually the original design from our popular Tiki Series. Initially launched for the holidays as a red and green version with string lights, we’re excited to finally drop the OG in all its oceanic glory.

Have suggestions for the next Travel Collection, perhaps somewhere that captures your own spirit, dreams and aspirations for adventure and travel? Let us know!