Field Notes

Van Gogh Museum Series 2 Lookbook

If you've been a RSVLTS Insider for a while at this point (and FYI for those that haven't), you'll know that Van Gogh is near and dear to my heart, as well as pretty much beloved by everyone company-wide. 

Any time we have Van Gogh Museum brainstorms I always think about a very specific episode of "Doctor Who" where Van Gogh, who struggled to sell a single painting in his own lifetime, travels to a Paris art gallery in the modern area to see what his legacy has become. I don't know why this video clip always sticks with me, but it's worth a watch.

It still blows my mind that we get to work directly with his museum in Amsterdam, and furthermore get to interpret his iconic work into clothing that we share with the masses. 

For this latest Van Gogh Museum x RSVLTS collection, we truly stepped everything up a notch by turning our super premium rayon shirts into all-over canvases that feature some of VG's eternally iconic, yet perhaps lesser known/popular works (depending on the beholder, of course). 

Take a ganders below! 

Van Gogh "Landscape with Houses"

Van Gogh adored the French countryside around Auvers-sur-Oise and its picturesque old farm houses with thatched roofs. Did he know that when he was drawing these houses with wavelike outlines and ocean colors, that he was doing it so you could look unbelievably cool at a BBQ 131 years later? 

Yeah, we like to think that he did. Definitely. 

Van Gogh "Seascape" 

Van Gogh painted Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer standing on the beach in the south of France, staring off into the ever-changing colors of the Mediterranean Sea. Fun fact: there are even grains of sand found in the layers of paint on the original.

So while there may not be any sand on this super-soft rayon recreation, but as soon as you slip it on, your body will think you're on the beach, even if you're miles away...eating ribs in your backyard.

Van Gogh "Field with Irises"

One of the more popular works...painted outside the French town of Arles, Van Gogh took inspiration from Japanese artists who use large areas of color and zoom in on a details in the foreground when painting Field with Irises near Arles. He even described it as "a Japanese dream."

So, if someone comes up to you while you're wearing this shirt (at your BBQ) and says you look like a Japanese dream of a French landscape, that's what they're talking about. Fist bump, Doug. Sick reference.