Field Notes

Welcome, Plaid Michael Murray: RSVLTS BorlandFlex™ Collection - Lookbook


Hoboken, N.J. - January 4, 2022 - Amid weeks of swirling speculation, RSVLTS - creators of high-quality licensed and unlicensed apparel since 2012 - is excited to announce the newest collection member, Plaid Michael Murray, has officially joined as captain of the RSVLTS BorlandFlex™ universe. 

Effective immediately, previously in training adrift off the coast of Los Angeles, Plaid Michael will join the recently launched collection alongside other BorlandFlex mates Hugh Lumberjackman, Plaidley Cooper, Flaniel Day Lewis, Elijah Woodsman, Olive, Navy, and its adjacent officially licensed squad: The Batman, The Joker and Maitland flannels. 

“It’s been a rough month while at sea, but this is where all the hard work during the pre-launch developmental stages really pays for itself,” said Plaid Michael Murray, captain of the RSVLTS BorlandFlex™ Collection. “I’ve been extremely focused, flexible and altogether determined to get to this point, and now reunited back with the gang, we’re ready to put our two-way stretch and incredible warmth & coziness into action against these frigid months ahead. It’s game time, we were truly made for these seasons.” 

Available in both regular and slim formats, and featuring multiple patterns/colorways for any occasion or condition, click this current post to read more about the other more recent BorlandFlex™ introductions

Note: in addition to Plaid Michael, the previous BorlandFlex™ roster (pictures below) already purchased have started shipping their ways to your homes!