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Welcome To RSVLTS Rewards

Look, we’re not going to sit here and tell
you what to do with your life.

But, in a much more real sense, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Join the RSVLTS Rewards Program and start earning points to spend on future purchases. It’s like free money. You wouldn’t turn down free money, would you? Of course you wouldn’t.

Already a member?
Just sign in and make your way to paradise.


Ways to earn

Sign up
500 RSVLTS Points

Follow us on Instagram
200 RSVLTS Points

Share on Facebook
200 RSVLTS Points

Place an order
10 RSVLTS Points for every $1 spent

Just because it’s your birthday
1000 RSVLTS Points

Ways to spend

Free shipping coupon
750 RSVLTS Points

$10 off coupon
1000 RSVLTS Points

$15 off coupon
1500 RSVLTS Points

$20 off coupon
2000 RSVLTS Points


Zack Morris’ band, Zack Attack, rocks hard and melts faces. But, they also taught us a valuable lesson:
“Friends Forever.”

When you refer someone to the RSVLTS Rewards Program, not only do you get 1000 Points, but they get 1000 Points as well. Rock on, friendship rules.

That’s right, 500 points just for signing up
and 1000 just for being born.

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