RSVLTS x Tony Boloney’s Atlantic City Secret Menu & Shirt

Shhhhhhhhhh! It’s the greatest buried secret that we can’t wait for people to uncover: the debut of RSVLTS x Tony Boloney’s Secret Menu & Shirt special.

While the RSVLTS 10th anniversary weekend is already jam-packed with events, we wanted to add a little more flavor to the occasion in honor of our long-standing partnership with the Tony Boloney’s franchise (especially since they’ve been our neighbor and fueling our parties at HQ from the beginning in Hoboken).

Together, we curated a very Jersey-centric menu, available only on 6/4 at TB’s Atlantic City (300 Oriental Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401), that pays homage to the unique culinary stylings of this colorful region.

So to commemorate the 2022 RSVLTS Meet-Up in A.C., we’ve created an exclusive, limited-edition RSVLTS x Tony Boloney’s KUNUFLEX™ featuring iconography found on the walls in and around TB’s locations in Hoboken, Atlantic City, Jersey City, and Long Branch.  

How to order secret menu food items and get your shirt:

Starting at 6:30pm on Saturday June 4th, as the crew ascends upon Tony Boloney’s original A.C. location post-Festival, approach the counter and follow two simple steps:

1. Nicely say to the employee: “I’ll have a secret number [1 – 5 from the menu], thank you very much!”

2. Once you receive your receipt and food, bring it to DTH/Scotty to snag your exclusive shirt (as mentioned: sizing is first come, first served based on availability).  

Alas, here’s the secret menu (only available 6/4):


The #1 Jersey Double-Dare Devil: a twisted take on TB’s current Pinky offering, but with the heat amped up to 11 with calebrain chilis, jalapenos, hot honey, etc.

The #2 Mt Rushmore: features NJ beer fermented dough, regular burrata, regular red or regular vodka sauce, make it rain pecorino pillows. Comes with mini sling-shot, branded RSVLTS, to hit the burrata and open it up.

Subs (both served HOT)

The #3 Big Porker: Pork Roll vs Taylor Ham sandwich, whichever you call it, doesn’t matter cuz it’s piled high alongside some traditional some tasty fixin’s (includes lettuce, tomato, oil/vinegar, etc.,)...more of a traditional ham sandwich done with some TB flair…

The #4 Philly Phondu: shitload of grilled ribeye, wit onions, comes with a big cup on hot cooper sharp wiz fondue for the dip

Hot Dog

The #5 Ol’ ‘Merica: thinly sliced shredded hotdogs (think cheesesteak but no steak, only BEST HOTDOGS FROM NEWARK, but thinly sliced), made to order or with all the fixin’s - pickled relish & kraut mayo, smoked ketchup & yellow american mustard, etc.

Remember: One shirt per food order. Must order a secret menu item to get the shirt. Very limited in quantities and all sizes are first come, first served based on availability.