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RSVLTS 10th Anniversary Meet-Up Details, Exclusive Shirt First Look & More

June 4, 2022, officially marks RSVLTS 10th anniversary and, like everyone else on the planet, we love round numbers and milestones.

So, to celebrate this wild ride we’ve been on together for a full decade, we wanted to go big with activities, so we've teamed up with Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival (two categorical staples of RSVLTS DNA) to throw a giant, mega, crazy-loud rager of an Official Meet-Up for RSVLTS fans (and the whole world) over the course of the two-day event!

The immersive festival will have incredible concerts (New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Thrice, Four Year Strong, etc.), beer tastings from 150+ breweries, tons of fun carnival games and other shenanigans (rumblings of karaoke, bouncy-ball horse racing!), food trucks, and 20,000 other like-minded screaming fest-goers. Within that sea of awesomeness, RSVLTS will have an exclusive area set-up both days (directly across from the mainstage), a booth within selling gear, and, of course, our famous Beer Swap.

So... hot off the presses is a first look at the mock-up of the exclusive shirt, and holy smokes is it a stunner. We teamed up with Ben Douglas on this design that pays homage to Teddy Roosevelt and a few little easter eggs that took place over the last 10 years in our history. 

In talking to John about the inspiration behind the design, he said: 

"This shirt was about two things. First, a decade full of memories and moments that influenced the brand in one way or another. Easter eggs, fun moments, outward facing and internal, all centered around our guy Teddy Roosevelt. You'll see the pug which was one of the first RSVLTS designs, the hula girl who was was the third wheel sitting on our dashboard for the first two campaign road trips Steve and I ever did, and many other things that have been part of the journey. It's an homage to all that. The second aspect was the meet ups, the community and the other unique things that make RSVLTS way different than any other brand. This exclusive is our thank you to everyone we've met and supported us along the way for even wanting to come and grab a beer with us and other members of the community."

Again, this is just a mock-up design as the final product might look slightly different, but this is the direction we're taking.

Weekend Events Overview (specifics to follow)

Friday (6/3)

8:00 PM - RSVLTS x DTH Trivia: LIVE! at Ducktown Tavern

Address: Ducktown Tavern, 2400 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Saturday (6/4)

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Beer Swap Brunch at Vagabonds

From 10 AM to 12 PM on Saturday, June 4th, DTH will host his famous Beer Swap Brunch, where everyone is encouraged to bring a six-pack from their hometown to swap with other RSVLTS Insiders. It's not only a pre-game for the main event, but a chance to meet a bunch of cool people, too. More details on location in Atlantic City to follow!

Address: Vagabonds AC, 672 N Trenton Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

2:00 - 6:00 PM - AC Beer Fest Day 1 (Alkaline Trio)

The main event is Saturday, June 4th, from 2 PM - 6 PM at Bader Airfield in Atlantic City, NJ. Yep, we're taking over the entire airport! Eat that, Tom Cruise. Your RSVLTS Insiders package/wristband will get you a 30-minute head start on the rest of the crowd with early entry (both days), direct access to the RSVLTS VIP/10th Anniversary Party area, access to all 150+ beer vendors and food trucks, the event exclusive KUNUFLEX™ button down, and more!

Address: Bader Field, 545 N Albany Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

6:30 - 8:00 PM - Tony Boloney’s After Party Takeover

After the show it's the after (pizza) party! We're going to have a block party at the original TB's location with some surprises planned too, so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for some special schtufffff.

Address: 300 Oriental Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

9:00 PM - RSVLTS Karaoke at Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall

Join us at Tennessee Avenue Beer Hall for the after-after party.

Address: 133 S Tennessee Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Sunday (6/5)

1:00 PM - AC Beer Fest Day 2 (New Found Glory)

After likely a few recovery bagels and perhaps some bloodies/mimosas downtown (TBD), we now embark on Day 2 of the Festival to kick things into the next gear. Beyond the RSVLTS 10th par-tay events from the previous day, we'll keep the spirits (beer!) rolling and party going, which includes a headlining concert by our friends, the one-and-only, New Found Glory!

Additionally, since the big day is quickly approaching, let's further break down some other details that you will need to know beyond the activities:

Additional Info

How to Get That Sweet, Sweet Heat Shirt: You need to have a ticket to the event. (Hopefully you jumped on it early because it's all sold out.) The exclusive KUNUFLEX™ button down design was available to anyone who has already booked on the VIP ticketing site before March 31, 2022, which means you provided both a name and shirt size that would correspond with your order! Those submissions are what we used to order shirts accordingly, so when we say we don't have any extras, we legitimately don't have any extra inventory as such.

Your event RSVP is non-transferrable and we cannot ship unfortunately - the spirit of the meet-up is precisely to be present amongst friends and family. You also need to be at the party wearing RSVLTS gear to claim your shirt. Yeah, it’s like that...wear 'em loud and wear 'em proud, tis' the occasion, let's truly takeover this festival! 

Beer Swap: Before the Meet-Up, DTH will be hosting his traditional Beer Swap as noted, which was also ticketed and capped at a certain please check in advance. This earlier Field Notes post fully breaks down all the details on the Beer Swap event

Stay tuned to our social channels for more. See you all soon!