Field Notes

RSVLTS & Portland FanExpo - Schedule of Events, Exclusives Preview

As detailed in the previous Field Notes post regarding RSVLTS plans for 2023 events and experiences, we are kicking off the 2023 Worldwide Events Tour (tour name = still work in progress) this upcoming weekend at the Portland FanExpo (2/17-2/19)!

All the glorious things will be taking place at booth #811, which will include some classic RSVLTS items, as well as a few show exclusive items dropping each day in honor of the timing (ah-hem, a new Marvel movie that just might be releasing around this timing), the region (ah-hem, “HEY YOU GUYYYYYS”) AND the location itself (ah-hem, a new city-based collection series that may/may not be available at select events and experiences moving forward). 

See header image above and below for a little sneak-peek preview of the designs and formats available…believe tickets to this weekend’s Portland FanExpo are still available online if you’d like to pop by the booth to say whaddup to the crew and/or get some hands on some fresh new gear. 

Additionally, for those Insiders in the Portland area that can’t make it to FanExpo, the crew on the ground will be hanging at Deschutes Brewery Public House (210 NW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97209) on Saturday 2/18 at 8:00pm. Nothing crazy, just a little impromptu gathering as all the real action will be at the booth, but we’d still love to say hey and buy a round of beverages to those that can attend. 

Lastly, a few of us will also be sticking around on Monday 2/20 night - including everyone’s favorite, Paging Mr. Morrow - at Revolution Hall for the SOLD OUT Bayside show starting at 7:00pm. Some tickets should be available by way of resale apps, but the crew will be there in a true pop punk, full force frenzy to support one of our favorite bands and its badass bassist/Thank The Maker podcast host/Star Wars superfan, Nick Ghanbarian (@baysidenick). 

Plenty of opportunities to hang with the RSVLTS squad - we look forward to seeing you out there this weekend in Portland!